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On August 26, 2020, the 70th anniversary of the Town of Mezdra, one of the leading corporations for quarrying and processing Natural Stones – Yotov Stone PLC., received the investment certificate Class B, from Mezdra Municipality and the Government. The Certificate was issued by the Municipality, Mayor Ivan Asparuhov, and the Mezdra Town Council. It certifies the investment program for modernizing current facilities and the installation of new production lines, equipment, machines and facilities at the production plant.

GM Trade & Operations of the company Vesela Petrova,

greeted Mezdra Municipality, for its stimulus and development programs of small and medium enterprises.
“Besides everything, this certificate is also a moral stance and support for our company for all our investments.” She added that due to the new production lines and facilities, YOTOV STONE will become the most modern Natural Stone Industrial Facility in the sector, not only in Bulgaria but also in the Balkans. The high-end technology, innovative equipment, and facilities are very energy efficient and eco-friendly and would further ease the heavy physical work of many employees and workers in the Facility since the workflow is very automated.

The first phase of the planned investments amounts to 2.5 mln. EUR, and the second phase to about 1.25 mln EUR. The expansion also envisions new slab polishing lines, and two more 80 blades Gang Saws for blocks as well as the installation of a water treatment plant.​

Through the investment and expansion plan, there would be 15 new employees, and estimates suggest the production capacity would increase two and a half times.