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Limestone "Vratza Doro Top"

Vratza Doro Top Limetone is a type of Vratza Limestone with light-creamy basic colour with quartz spots and darker or lighter yellow (or orange) or white flader.

The Doro Top Vratza Limetone is a very strong limestone type and can be used for garden paving slabs, patio slabs, wall cladding and other kinds of interior and exterior limestone products. Because of it's extremely low water absorption, it makes a perfect choice for the bathroom.

We recommend garden and patio paving to be in honed, bush hammered or sandblasted finish.
Installing Doro Top Limestone is very easy using all common ways for construction.
Easy to be worked, this type of limestone is well known and used by masons and artisans.

* Sealers are recommended as it is a natural stone product.
* Colour in natural stone varies.

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