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Limestone "R1"

R1 has a creamy colour. Some tiny manganese spots could be seen in some blocks. R1 is the clearest of all other Vratza Limestone types. It is physically stronger than most types of limestone therefore it is used widely for paving, cladding and other limestone products.
It's a great choice for external, as well as internal use. It's best for paving slabs, tiles, flags, bathroom sinks, kitchen countertops, etc.
We recommend garden and patio paving to be in honed, bush hammered or sandblasted finish.
Installing R1 is really easy using all common ways for construction. Easy to be worked, this type of limestone is well-known among, and preferred by masons and artisans.


* Sealers are recommended as it is a natural stone product.
* Colour in natural stone varies.

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